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100th Podcast and maybe the LAST! just released the 100th episode featuring SAM PIO. This could be the perfect way to end the podcast. After 100 hundred radio shows from Johnny Keatth's Actors Radio from 1999-2000 we ended it. It was fun doing a live radio show in Hollywood every Sunday night for two years. In just 1 and half years we interviewed over 130 Artist and planned to do just 100 podcast and move on to another adventure. If you want us to continue then go to and sign up and create a profile on MY PAGE. Use facebook or your e-mail address. My goal is to get to #1 and need followers there on my page to move up. I am currently #3 and hope to be #2 or even #1 this week with your help. You sign up in the upper right hand corner SEE RED ARROW. Click and join then............

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If I get a lot of sign ups, likes, shares, follows and comment on my page I will release Episode 101 on the 28th with a special guest from Cobra-Kai which also debuts on NetFlix on FRIDAY


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