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Life of a Hollywood Actor 3 Let's Start here. New IMDB credit where I had a Starring Role. So proud of this movie and can't wait to do a podcast about it and see the final product.

To the left is the Writer, Producer, Director Anthony Headen. Thanks so much Anthony for casting me in this very important role. I truly hope this film opens the eyes of racism through another set of eyes..

Also my YouTube Video from A better Humanity is out. is about fat shaming and I play the meenie husband. It's just acting so don't hate me.

Speaking of Hating. Avril Lavigne - Love It When You Hate Me (feat. blackbear) (Official Music Video) is out I played a reporter with the blue microphone. Don't blink you'll miss me.

Let's see what else. I was going to be featured as a paintball player on a series, but the wardrobe people messed up and the LEAD actors did not know their lines. Waste of time.

I won't name the series, but here is a picture from the set in paintball outfit. I also closed on a Condo I SOLD in Culver City for $875,000. If you have a listing is my real estate page. If you know someone who is buying or selling real estate I will give you a $500 gift card for your referral when escrow closes. Also listen to my podcast See you on the next update...... What's your Dream?


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