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Life of a Hollywood Actor 2

2021 was a busy year for me as an actor. It is starting out great in 2022 with several more self tapes and bookings. Secrets of Playboy airs soon, where I play Hugh Hefner's Doctor. Also a Murder in the Heartland episode. I also demostated a new product for Bosch tools.

I just filmed a video for the youtube channel "A Better Humanity". Hopefully that will go viral. It's about a Husband who leaves his wife because she gained a few extra pounds. Forgive me now as I was pretty mean. The bad parts are always the best to play for an actor. I see what they mean.

When I interview Eric Roberts for my podcast Actors 2020 Podcast, he said they mean guys are the most fun to play as an actor. "Star 80". I am currently on hold for a music video and I am reading for several projects and hope to book one of them. I have 5 self tapes pending so I better get to work on those. That is the short update. Remember if you need a Real Estate Agent anywhere in the United States Team Riley is the place to start as I have a FREE referral service. I will find you the top three agents that are the best for your indiviaual situation in your area to choose from. 877-RILEY-4U is the number to call.

If your selling in the Greater Los Angeles I want your listing. If your moving to LA and need a home contact me at Team Riley and "Start Living the Life".


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