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Life of a Hollywood Actor 4

Let's start off with some more youtube videos I had the honor of telling important stories on.

I play the Business Man Friend in ESPN Documentary, Gladiator

project X about Wrestle Mania and how it was stolen from the Gladiator who created it. Set in the 70's of course. I asked the big guy if wrestling was real. He said nothing. I send in so many auditon submissions and many self tapes. It's amazing how much you have to put in to get just a little. I played a cop chasing very famous Rap Artist around Downtown L.A.

I can add Stunt Driver to my resume. Living the Dream for sure. So much fun I can't believe that I got paid to do that. I will put a link to the Video Here when it comes out. So check back. The film "We are Human too"

I just Starred in is playing at the Marina Del Rey Film Festival Wednesday June 22, 2022. Seeing myself on the Big Screen is a Dream Come true. I always say on my podcast which is #1 today in Performing Arts on Fathers Day, "Dreams Do Come True, if you have one. Listen, Learn and Laugh. Thank you so much. Lasted Episode.

I have been interview recently by "The Glass Half Empy Podcast" and will put a link on my next blog and here when it comes out. It is different not being the HOST and being the Guest. I have been asked to do a couple more so will let you know. Now starting all over again with a fresh week. I have been working on my new Real Estate Web Site. It is about 3 months away from being finished and 7 months awayuntil I promote it. But you can take a sneak peak at it being under construction. If you need my free Real Estate Referral Service, Los Angeles Probate questions, a buyers agent or want to list your California property, just scan the QR code on the first page for more information. Or scan the one below. Team Riley will help you "Start Living the Life". OH REALLY? NO RILEY

Last but not least a celebration of being #1 again. A must listen to podcast for everyong not just actors. Tune in. Until the next blog or episode. Bye Bye.


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