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Mutiny Pictures to Distribute "Last Call" from Director Gavin Michael Booth



SEPTEMBER 18, 2020

Mutiny Pictures is excited to announce the release of LAST CALL by director

Gavin Michael Booth. Booth is known for breaking new filmmaking ground

teaming up with producer Jason Blum to create “Fifteen”, the world’s first movie

broadcast live using Twitter’s Periscope App. Mutiny has signed on to distribute

Booth’s latest film, LAST CALL and will follow it up with two films to be shot this

year: Dreamcrusher and Cut!.

Critically acclaimed LAST CALL includes riveting performances by Daved Wilkins (The

Mindy Project) and Sarah Booth (The Moodys) and is the story of the relationship

between two strangers who are thrown together in an environment of mounting crisis:

Beth is a late night janitor who accidentally answers a call from Scott who believes he

has dialed a suicide prevention hotline. LAST CALL showcases both ends of a phone

call that has Beth navigating a life-changing conversation as she attempts to save

Scott’s life. Written and produced by Gavin Michael Booth and Daved Wilkins, LAST

CALL is the winner of 25 international festival awards. Opening September 18 . LAST

CALL will be released during National Suicide Awareness Month and the film will work

with Art With Impact, a non-profit that uses film to start conversations on college

campuses about mental health in order to destigmatize the topic. LAST CALL will also

have a Canadian theatrical run benefiting Canadian Mental Health Association.

LAST CALL is a split screen real-time feature film. No hidden cuts as the film plays out

with two camera crews in different parts of a city, showing two sides of a story unfold in

real-time. Last Call is currently receiving outstanding praise on the festival circuit.

“Gavin Michael Booth’s cinema verite approach to a gut-wrenching human experience is

imbued with pure hunger and compassion.”- Toronto Film Files

Booth has worked with some of the top entertainers in the music industry including

music videos and documentary projects for SYML (SYML has a featured song in LAST

CALL), Third Eye Blind, Vanessa Carlton, Todrick Hall and more.

To view the trailer, go to:

For art, go to:

Instagram: @lastcallonetake

Twitter: @lastcallonetake



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