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Actor's Success Blueprint

SHAAN SHARMA spoke at the S.A.G. Office at 5757 Wilhisre Blvd in Los Angeles today. Very effective even though a real potty mouth. Some highlights: Always treat yourself after an audition no matter if you think it was good or bad. This way your mind always knows a treat is coming and you will have a good mental outlook on auditions from this point on. He also spoke about the 4 moves to acting success. STABILITY: Safe place to live, expendible income and good health. DEVELOPMENT: Get skilled in your genre, process and have a network of rehearsal tribes. You need a partner for your feed back. Don't rehearse by yourself. MARKETING: Headshot, demo reels, training and credits. WORKING ACTORS: Skills, Representation, outreach and referrals to Agents. Some other information was only 8% of actors qualify for Health Insurance. You need to make 34K a year as an actor to qualify. To sum it up focus on CRAFT, BUSINESS, UNION and SELF CARE.

Finally the 4 paths to Acting Success are:

1. The Traditional Way: Get and Agent., get work.

2. Industry Relationships: Work with people that create content.

3. Be a Content Creator: Create your own content. Web, Shortfilms etc.

4. Social Media: Post professionl content. No POLITICS. You lose 50% chance of getting cast

Shaan Commercial Acting book or on audio


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